welcome... a little corner of the web devoted to the art of webcomics! Cimocbew is made to promote webcomics of all genres and mediums, from all over the internet; and to help out web comic creators old and new with tips, tricks, and articles about comic-creation. Why? Because web comics kick ass, and we love making them! Want to know more?
Latest Issue, art by Blue Soulber

Contributor Guidelines


If you are interested in submitting work to Cimocbew, you MUST read and follow the guidelines exactly or your work will not be considered. The guidelines help us organize and review submissions efficiently. All submissions must be sent to webcomiczine[AT]gmail[DOT]com. General questions about Cimocbew can be directed to "trallt14" via deviantart message or smackjeeves pm, but do NOT send submissions to these places. They will be unread and unconsidered.

Contributers will be contacted with ad guidelines and deadlines when they are accepted. Just because you submit it does NOT guarantee your comic or art will be included in the next issue. Selections are based on how the entire zine fits together, variety needs, art needs, and clarity of art and text.

What We're Looking For

Cimocbew aims to promote drawn and original works featuring author-created universes and characters. We're looking for creators of varying skill levels; who show effort and neatness in the presentation of their work. We ask for submissions to be anywhere from G to PG-13, (occasional borderline R material); we do not want work that is x-rated or nsfw. We also do not want sprites or fancomics. What material is suitable for the zine is up to our discretion.


Sample Submission Email Send an email to webcomiczine[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Be sure to include the category you wish to submit to in the subject line of your email. For example, if you wanted to submit some artwork for a featured comic spot, you would write "Submission - Feature" in the subject line; character profile, "Submission - Character Profile", and so on. You must include a link to your comic (regardless of what category you're submitting to) and submit any images that may be a part of your submission- cover, pin-ups, etc. These images can be submitted via attachment, or with a link to said image. They should be in jpeg format.

If you want to submit to more than one thing you must send each submission as a seperate email: with the same set of links to your comic and images. This is a pain, but it works for organization purposes and efficiency. This will help the zine monkeys get back to submitters quickly and prepare the zine at a decent pace.

For EACH submission, you must include a brief permission statement allowing use of your artwork and promotion of your comic in the zine, and that you don't hold Cimocbew responsible for art theft or any drama that may ensue because of promotion. If you don't include this, we cannot feature you in the zine!

For a list of what's needed for each category, please click here. (Link opens in new window). Note* Articles should be proposals first. Do not sent an entire article.

After You Submit

After your work is confirmed for the next issue, regardless of category, you will be requested to make an ad for your comic and provide a banner within a given deadline. (Ad size depends on type of contribution.) Ads are placed throughout the zine in ADDITION to features, articles, ect. All contributors also get a banner on the links page. It is your responsibility get these in. We won't have time to hunt people down and nag about ads. We want you to show off your comic and the ad is a bonus way of getting folks interested, and a reward for contributing! Please send your ads in on time so we can include them and promote your work! :)

Ads must be sent with the subject line- AD- (insert your comic title). If ads are not sent before the deadline, they will not be included! Creators who were featured in Cimocbew before ARE welcome to submit again, for same or different comics! Our one request is that previously featured creators submit to a category they haven't been featured in yet. Features only happen once.

Ads and Promotion Info

Note: It is the contributor's responsibility to submit required materials!