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Latest Issue, art by Blue Soulber

Almost There!

I still have a lot to post, ((pages are all done)) but I will continue to post the remainder of the zine tomorrow. :D

Keep watching! :D

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Launch Today! Quick Clarifications

Cimocbew Launches Today!

I'm not going to install the entire zine at once, but will upload about 5 pages at a time throughout the day. The entire zine should be uploaded by the end of the day. : ) Basically ,the entire zine should be uploaded by midnight, so keep checking back today for more pages!

*Quick Clarifications*
Answers to Possible Questions

1. Why are some contributor comics linked/get ads and some don't?
A. If you don't see a link or an ad representing a comic, it means the contributor didn't send me their ad and link. : ) They are welcome to do so at anytime. If they did, there is a possibility it got lost in the email, and they are welcome to nudge me about that!

2. The rules say you can't submit certain types of comics, yet some of these types appear in the first issue. Why is that?
A. Some things I discovered along the way. The first issue is somewhat experimental. The submission guidelines are for the next round of contributors.

3. Why do some comic seem to get more featured art spots in the zine?
A. Some artists gave me permission to use any pics in their galleries. Those artists were featured more often, simply because I had more art to choose from! Other artists selected certain pics they wanted me to use.

4. Why can't I submit sprite or fan comics? The main reason is...I want to showcase ORIGINAL worlds and characters people have created. I also have fears concerning copyright issues with the sprites. However, if someone creates/makes original sprites and original characters, I would be happy to consider it. Fan comics are okay to submit as parody, for the Funnies section only. This particular zine really aims to focus on original worlds and characters, and I am not going to change that focus.

5. When will the next zine come out?

I hope to upload another zine in two- three months, depending on the response to this project! : )

posted by Trallt14 @ August 31st, 2010, 12:10 am  -  1 comments

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